Suzuki Gokin contributes in the world of the technology in the future.

Resistors for Rolling stocks

Resistors for Rolling stocks We are manufacturing various resistors not only the main resistors for resistance controlling vehicles but also snubber resistors of the inverter controlling rolling stock, rechargeable resistors and braking resistor.

Resistors for electric power

Resistors for electric power They are used to control fault currents caused by grounding accidents to power lines, so as to protect equipment against damages in power plants and transfer stations and to prevent inductions faults to communication lines running along power lines.

Industrial Resistors

Industrial Resistors In addition to the induction motors, low price and easy resistors to maintain are used for start and speed control of the electric motors and generators, which are used for the factories, the harbor equipment and the construction sites etc.

Advanced Control Units

Advanced Control Units Including the static power supply for rolling stock. we are also introducing modern technologies to devices for equipment such as adjustable speed control and power conversion for electric power and industrial motors.

Environmental devices

Environmental devices The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) equipment to remove the black smoke included in the exhaust gas of large-volume diesel engines for tracks is being manufactured as environment related equipment.

About Maintenance

About Maintenance After delivering to customers, we are doing overhaul (resolution check and repairing) to make sure that the performance can be shown sufficiently.


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