The Suzuki-gokin is a special maker of resistors and resistance objects.

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Please check about the protecting personal information policy of this company

Design and proposal of various kinds of resistors will be suggested as much as possible with the requirements of customers.Fill the requirement specifications and send us. Our business office will make contact.

Privacy Policy

Suzuki gokin Co., Ltd. (hereafter, this company) recognizes dealing appropriately with the personal information, acquired by promoting this company's activities, and protecting is the social responsibility of this company, and the following measures are promoted.

1. Basic policies

  • We obey personal information protection law, and other related decrees and standards.
  • This company is giving education to the official and the employee with preparing the management system about the protection of personal information, and improving continuously.
  • This company acquires the personal information of customers conforming to laws and ordinances, and tries to keep to the condition of the correct and latest as for the contents.
  • This company deals with personal information within the limits for the purpose, which was specified to the customers.
  • This company works hard for prevention of unlawful access to personal information, loss of personal information, destruction, alterations, and disclosure, etc.
  • This company when entrusting the business which deals with personal information to outside parties, concludes the necessary contract, and takes the necessary measures for other legal matters.

2. Acquisition of personal information

  • Personal information is acquired by proper and fair means.
  • When acquiring it besides the use, purpose and release, we notify the use purpose or specify it.

3.Utilization purpose of personal information

When obtaining personal information from customers, we specify the use purpose of personal information beforehand and use it within the scope of the use purpose.
When there is a need to use customer's personal information beyond the reach of the use purpose specified beforehand, we inform the customer about it , and it's used after receiving customer's agreement.We use customer's personal information for the following purpose.

(1) The use purpose of personal information about customers

  • Delivery service of our products, which were contracted, building and use in usual scope of work (We deliver on the basis of private information when we receive requests for products or catalogs delivery, and dispatch of samples etc. )
  • We use the information service of products within our scope of business and for business operation.
  • Maintenance support service
  • Respond to every kind of inquiry andconsultation.
  • For product development and service improvement we use (implementation of a questionnaire survey).
  • Use in the courtesy act on the socially accepted idea.
  • Business discussion, the arrangement with the customers.

(2) The purpose of use of personal information regarding stockholders.

  • For discharging the use of a right and obligation based on commercial law.
  • To implement various kind of stockholder measures.
  • For the management about the individual data creation of stockholder, based on every kind of law and ordinance.

(3) The use purpose of personal information about the customer

  • In order to do various business communications
  • For various contract fulfillments
  • For Business discussion and arrangements

(4) The use purpose of personal information of a staff and a recruit applicant

  • To make basic information of recruit selection
  • For contacts from us and sending of recruit related material
  • When under the submission obligation on a proper form to set as a decree
  • When it can be admitted that there is need for public profit protection

4. Third party offer of personal information

We don't offer customer's personal information to a third party except for any of the following case.

  • The occasion with the customer's agreement
  • The occasion based on the decree
  • When it's difficult to get customer's consent for the life of the person, and necessary for body or property protection
  • When handling of personal information is entrusted in the range required for achievement of the purpose of use
  • When succession of business is done

5. Claim procedure of disclosure

As for the customer, it is possible to request disclosure, modification, and deletion ofthe private information, which is registered at the time of servicing, which this corporation offers. Please contact the following for details.

Inquiry about personal information
2-5-16 Tsurumachi, Taisho-ku, Osaka City, Japan. 551-0023 TEL:06-6555-1701 FAX:06-6555-1724

6. Others

We may revise without announcing an agreement about personal information protection to correspond to changes in the model of a decree and other things again for customer's personal information protection. We will informs about important change on our website.