The Suzuki-gokin is a special maker of resistors and resistance objects.

Electrical snow-melting device

  Installing the device directly in the rail and the point floorboard, it melts the snow, with the heat of electricity (separate main point power source). When it compares with the snow removal work due to the human strength, which uses the conventional shovel, the inconveniences etc., which installs the lantern, there is no burden for worker on the site.Again, construction expenses can also be reduced substantially since they are fitted up simply with exclusive use of metal fitting.

The snow melting can be done unattended!

Automatic ON/OFF by snow viewing sensor (separate estimate)

Merit of specification and installation

Power source voltage It prepares for AC200V and AC100V
Electric power consumption 3600 W (4 Nos. of 900W are used.)
Electric cost About 1300 yen /24 hours (about 10% decrease from past)
Establishment cost About 1/2 of previous shapes.