The Suzuki-gokin is a special maker of resistors and resistance objects.

Corporate profile

Major facility

Usage Equipment name The main performance Number
Casting equipment Cupola 1.5ton/h Hot wind water cooling type 2
Casting equipment Automatic modeling machine JB5045type(500×450) 1
Time tune equipment CP type resistor automatic time tune device 1
Time tune equipment Tune device resistor for oil insulation type NGR 1
Sheet metal Equipment Shirring press DCT3065 1
Sheet metal Equipment Brake press HDS-1303NT 1
Sheet metal Equipment NC turret punch press VIPROS-357Q 30 tonf 1
Lab sweepEquipment Vertical shot blast machine HDD90Type 1600Φ×H2400-240kg 1
Test equipment AC dielectric test equipment 250KV 1
Test equipment Impulse voltage generator 1500KV 84.4kWs 1