The Suzuki-gokin is a special maker of resistors and resistance objects.

Electrical snow-melting device

Point snow melting plant

The point heater of our company is made by TURK+HILLNGER in German and it's conforms to the rail heating of all types and is set widely internationally.

Good points

1.Many kinds It can install the heater, which responds to the point of many point heaters.
2.Power source is unrestricted The voltage has 100 V type and 200 V type.
3.Long time durability We can stand the long years use of the corrosion-resistant characteristic stainless steel flat shape tubular heater.
4.Low cost We can install at half of the cost of former models.
5.Power savings About 10% consumption electric power decreases compare to former models.
6.Excellent snow melting abilities Since a point heater is attached to a basic rail, the rise in heat of a rail can melt snow quickly early.
7.Simple construction It's easy, quick and low cost because it sets to the abdomen of basic rail with installation metal fitting.