The Suzuki-gokin is a special maker of resistors and resistance objects.

lineup of resistance elements

CP Type

  • Suitable for current load of medium intensity.
  • By loosely folding the strips, the number of necessary electrical connections is reduced; the simple structure permits easy maintenance and high reliability.
  • Most suited to situations requiring self-cooling, again air cooling at low flow rate is also efficient.
  • Since fine resistance adjustments are possible. This type has a wide range of applications.

RPP Type

  • Suitable for heavy current load over an extended period of time, since the large cooling surface area ensures high air cooling efficiency.
  • Strongly resistant to vibration and impact because the V shape imparts high rigidity.
  • High reliable with low maintenance requirements since electric welding reduces electrical contacts.
  • Usable under high temperature conditions because it is supported by heat resisting insulators.
  • Smallest in weight.

Grid Type

  • This type has been used as a heavy current resistor, but is now only used in special applications.
  • Since a wide range of sizes, shapes and material characteristics (volume resistivity, magnetism, etc) are available, special orders can be met.
  • Steel grid resistors of iron-chromium-aluminum alloy, iron-chromium-nickel alloy and other alloys can also be supplied.

RB Type

  • The most suitable for high voltage and high resistance.
  • The most suitable section to load current is selectable.
  • Attemptable to light in weight and compactness.
  • High reliability for heat and electric using porcelain insulators.

RM Type

  • Most suitable for high resistance or small current loads.
  • High performance and high resistance resistor, which consists of sheathed resistance tube containing nichrome wire, the tube being surfaced with cooling fins for effective cooling and heat storage.
  • Compact and simple to maintain because frame is unit cast, with no live parts exposed.

AS Type

  • Reduction in weight and size is possible because the oval spiral shape permits close packing of resistors with small sectional areas, within a unit volume.

Mold Type

  • The low -Inductance resistor met the demand of miniaturizing and high reliability of power transform equipment.
  • High radiation of heat, simple structure and high reliability using plate type resistor element.
  • Superior high temperature and withstand high voltage quality using the high quality heat resisting insulator.
  • Humidity and vibration resistance and maintenance-free met the heavy conditions.
  • Wiring terminal and bushing terminal.