The Suzuki-gokin is a special maker of resistors and resistance objects.

Corporate profile


This corporation established in Osaka City, Naniwa Ward in 1917 and started working as a special manufacture of the resistors and resistance objects.

Management concept

We try to achieve the reliance of the customers, keep growing the elements, which are useful for the society and also try to be recognized by the society.


In 1917, Suzuki gokin factory was established in Shiokusa, Naniwa Ward, Osaka City for professional production of electric resistors and resistance lattices and also provided the fitter's shop.

Business contents

We contribute to society by manufacturing, sales and import/export of the resistance fragments, the resistors, resistive elements, and sheath resistance tubes or their combination resistors used for electrical appliances.

Major facilities

We have arranged widely of cupolas, automatic modeling machines and impulse voltage generators etc...


The products of this company are delivered broadly to the railroad companies, electric power companies, wholesale electric power companies, overall electrical machinery, heavy electric, heavy industries, engineering companies, and equipment companies besides the government offices.