The Suzuki-gokin is a special maker of resistors and resistance objects.

Quality policy

 To implement management ideas, we set the following "quality policy", make it a basis of business activity and are working on improvement of the product quality and the business quality.

This company offers the products which gives a customers

   relief and satisfaction, and I answer social expectation

Explanation of a quality policy

 The product making which gives peace of mind to the customer and can be done with the basic that the company becomes unified and tackles setting quality objectives for each year, and tackles intentionally the quality policy realization.

Contents of quality target  

  • It offers the products and services at the viewpoint of customers, and expands the needs.
  • It excludes non-conformity causes investigation, and decreases business loss.
  • It reviews the present the business flow, and advances the work including ability of the productivity advancement and quality.

ISO9001 Examination registration

 This company did examination registration of quality management system (QMS) in April, 2001, and updated it 3nd time in April, 2010. Improvements are repeated as an effective system of realization of a quality policy and the improvement in customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing place Tsurumachi factory
Application standard JIS Q 9001:2015、ISO 9001:2015
Registration number Registration card: JSAQ1120、Registration card appendix: JSAQ1120-7
Registration range 1.Resistors for electric power systems and grounding equipment
2.Resistors for vehicle
3.Resistors for shipping and harbor facilities
4.Resistors for manufacture facilities and examination
5.Resistor elements
6.Business for the maintenance of various resistors